This isn’t the beginning, but it is a beginning.

First off, let me introduce myself to those of you who stumbled upon this dreary little blog by happenstance. I am Vordak Kallager: some part gamer and another part student. I’ve played EVE Online for almost five years now. My first experience with the game was that of many back in 08/09, I read about the grand exploits of EVE’s scoundrels that graced the front page of sites like IGN and Massively. I was immediately enamored with the ideas of player-driven narratives, economic sandboxes, and grand sagas of nullsec politicking and social engineering that could all be found in a single shard MMO. 

What I found was maddeningly obtuse. A tutorial that was more confusing than helpful, waiting around for skill queues to finish, and an intimidating and frighteningly hostile player community. I slogged about four months through Level 1 and 2 missions before I’d had enough, manned up and applied to a corp: Dark Fusion Industries. I still have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for that corporation. I spent about a year with them or so, being guided through the intricacies and complex systems of the game. I also have them to thank for getting me bit by the PVP bug. One of their veteran pilots had FC’d a small group of Battlecruisers into nearby lowsec. That was my first real PVP roam and it ended in glorious fire at the hands of the infamous Pandemic Legion alliance.

My journey from an adorable and naive carebear to veteran pilot and fleet commander is long and (probably not so) interesting, but I’ll save it for another time. I want to jump straight into my recent activities as a member and recent leadership addition to the Mafia Redux team, a group of pilots that have done the impossible: they cured me of my bitter vet syndrome and made this spaceship game enjoyable once more. A fire has been lit, and this is where it’ll be chronicled.


About Vordak
Proud Member and Leadership of Mafia Redux [MFRX], Former CEO and Founding Member of Autocannons Anonymous [AUTOZ], Scoundrel and Scallywag

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